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​For those who have a connection, for the first time
​ Encounter with the best first piece

I feel that the number of people who are interested in kimono is increasing.
Nowadays, there are many kimono shops that have been handed over from their families or reused, and you can buy kimono on the Internet.

Among them, the kimono that I customized for myself is special.
There are many things I don't understand about making the first piece, so I'm worried.

What is the market price?
deadline is?
Which color suits you?

Find the best first piece together while resolving all your anxieties together.
We have prepared a set at a price that is not normally possible.
​ I would be happy if I could support you to meet the best first piece.

Cooperation: 65 years since establishment Ishizuka Textile


Even if you already have a kimono, please enjoy new encounters and gems of the artist.


For tailors
​ invitation

At a photo studio founded in 28 years in Shibuya
Get a 1-cut shooting ticket.
A piece of memory with your first kimono.


​Visit reservation form

The transmission is completed.

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