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​​Dressing service

​Business trip & early morning correspondence available
​ Hair set options

All prices shown include tax. You can choose to pay by cash, wire transfer, or card.

​​Dressing service

​​ We accept requests for dressing from one person.

Hair set and makeup options are also available.

​​ All prices shown include tax.

You can choose to pay by wire transfer or card.


​For visiting Shichigosan and the shrine


​Seijin-shiki furisode


​For ceremonies and parties

In the case of business trip dressing, travel expenses and transportation expenses will be charged separately.
Prices vary depending on the area, so please contact us by email or LINE.
(The list price includes tax)



​​ Black tomesode

​​ Houmongi / Tsukesage

Komon, Tsumugi, Hakama

Shichigosan children


​Hair make

女性ヘアセット      8,800円
女性メイク        8,800円
お子様メイク         6,600円
お子様ヘアセット       6,600円
男性ヘアセット        5,500円
和 髪                       お問合せ


​​ Travel / Transportation Expenses

1,000 yen each ~

(Varies depending on the area. Please contact us.)
There is a discount for 3 or more people.
Please contact us.

​​Customer testimonials


30s elementary school teacher

Hakama dressing
Hair set

Thank you for dressing up early in the morning! I was saved by having a business trip to my workplace. The dressing was not difficult and it was comfortable until the end of the ceremony.


Female in her thirties

Visit dressing
Shichigosan dressing
Hair set
Children's hair set
Kimono rental

I asked for my three-year-old daughter and my second child to visit the shrine together. It was after childbirth, so it was a great help for me to go on a business trip to my house!

​Please feel free to contact us.
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