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​​Kimono rental

You can return it to the salon the day after you use it or by mail.

The price includes dressing and cleaning fee.

​​ All prices shown include tax.

You can choose to pay by wire transfer or card.


​For visiting Shichigosan and the shrine


​For ceremonies and parties

Casual kimono
Includes kimono, complete set of dressing accessories, sandals, dressing, and cleaning fee. (You can take your kimono and obi home for an additional charge of 15,000 yen. We will give you one Kyoto-washing cleaning ticket.)
訪問着 ⑦_180810_0028.jpg
The feature of our salon's rental kimono is that we rent out Tsujigahana, which is famous for tie-dye dyeing, and hand-painted Yuzen visiting kimono at a reasonable price.
Our shop also includes a dressing service.

​​ tabi

1,000 yen

​​ Tabi are not available for rental as they come in contact with bare skin and are easily soiled.
You can bring it with you or purchase it. If you would like to purchase, please tell us the size.

Use casual kimono rental
Female in her 40s

​​We regularly host parties, so we use them accordingly. We have them propose coordination according to the theme of the party. It's nice to be able to easily wear various kimonos ♪ It's easy to return because you just put the kimono you took off in a special bag and return it.

Formal kimono plum plan

Sachi Tadokoro (30's)

I borrowed a kimono to visit the shrine. Since it is a neighborhood, it is easy to go and the correspondence is polite, so I asked here (^ ^)
​ I'm often worried about raising my child for the first time, but I'm glad that the dresser who has a child responded and told me where to go with the children in the neighborhood and gave me some advice. Next, I would like to ask at Shichigosan.

Casual kimono rental

Female in her thirties

​I rented a kimono because there was an event. Kimono is gorgeous and stands out, so it's good. The kimono I borrowed was very popular, so I paid an additional fee and took the kimono and obi home ^^
​ I'm going to learn how to dress because it's a big deal.

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