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Sun, Jun 27


Kimono Salon Kimono Haru

[Tsumugi no Kai] June ⑤ Home * Rich life [Yoga x Kimono]

[Tsumugi no Kai] Yoga x Kimono to prepare women's body and mind 🧘‍♀️👘 This is a workshop aimed at women who are physically and mentally healthy and shine.

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[Tsumugi no Kai] June ⑤ Home * Rich life [Yoga x Kimono]
[Tsumugi no Kai] June ⑤ Home * Rich life [Yoga x Kimono]


Jun 27, 2021, 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Kimono Salon Kimono Haru, 2-11-15 Nakacho, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan


This is a yoga and kimono workshop event!

  ☑︎ I want to eliminate lack of exercise with yoga 

  ☑︎ I want to change my mood  

☑︎ I want to wear a kimono

  This is the perfect event for those who fall under the above.

It is a workshop where you can enjoy yoga and kimono according to the theme every time.

First half: Yoga relaxes and prepares the body. 

Second half: Wear a kimono to make your heart gorgeous and share a healing time.

⇨ In the latter half of the kimono, we will prepare tea confectionery during tea time 📷

[Time]  11: 00 ~ 13: 00

[Content]  After doing yoga, put on a kimono and have a cup of tea 🍵

【 Belongings  ]

・ Easy-to-move clothes

・ Yoga mat

* Yoga mats are also available for rent for 300 yen. 

If you wish, please fill out the form at the time of application.

Please hand the mat fee to the instructor in cash on the day.

【 place  ] 

  6 minutes walk from the nearest station "Yutenji Station"

2-11-15 Nakacho, Meguro-ku 


▶ ︎Check with Google Map

[Capacity]  Five people

▶ ︎It will be on a first-come, first-served basis from those who have completed payment.

【 Entry fee 】  6,500 yen Advance payment system.

Please purchase a participation ticket when applying for participation.


[Tsumugi no Kai]

Yoga x Kimono to prepare a woman's body and mind 🧘‍♀️👘

This is a workshop aimed at women who are physically and mentally healthy and shine.


* Feminine beauty


Tsumugi no Kai is a workshop-type event for women that aims to be a dignified, cheerful and graceful woman.

① Yoga

② Kimono

③ We will proceed with the workshop based on the three experiences of self-retreat facing yourself.

Wear a beautiful posture and prepare yourself to face yourself while being aware of the dignified appearance of the kimono.

Let's aim for a wonderful woman together 🌸

◎ Tsumugi no Kai Monthly Theme ◎

Click here for future dates   The day in parentheses is the LIVE delivery date.

Other than that, it is a real event.

LIVE distribution is free on FB and Instagram.

June (13), 27 ⑤ Home * Rich life 

July (11), 25 ⑥ Spirit * Touching gratitude

[Participation benefits]  There is a luxurious gift for first-time participants only. Please look forward to it ✨  Repeaters are also welcome! We are looking forward to the participation of those who aim to be a shining woman.

   [Lecturer introduction]

  ◎ Miyuki Ito

▶ ︎ Instagramu account  Occupational therapist and yoga instructor.

With the theme of physical and mental health, the experience of an occupational therapist and the skills of a yoga instructor are utilized to disseminate physical and mental health.

While maintaining the body with yoga, he uses the theory of "self-retreat" to convey the maintenance of the mind and the richness of daily life.

◎ Haruna Tsunoda (Haruna Tsunoda)

▶ ︎ Instagramu account  He is active as a dressing instructor who disseminates Japanese culture.

He presides over events and dressing classes with the idea of enriching people's hearts through kimono and traditional Japanese culture.

Kimono experience events are held at overseas universities and villages. 


  • [Tsumugi no Kai] June ⑤ Home * Rich life 🧘‍♀

    This is a participation ticket exclusively for general participants. The reservation will be completed after purchasing this ticket.

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