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I want to be able to wear a yukata myself this year!
I want to go out for summer festivals and fireworks festivals in yukata.

You can take a yukata course online ♪

We will lend you a set of yukata and kimono accessories, so even those who do not have a yukata can participate.

[Lesson content]

Yukata dressing course time: 90 minutes

Date: Please send the desired date after purchasing the ticket. We will send you the zoom invitation URL after the lesson date is confirmed.

After taking the course, you can review it with a video.
We also accept chat questions on the dedicated LINE. If you have any concerns about kimono, we will support you free of charge.

Tools to use: zoom
* Please prepare an account in advance.

You can do it empty-handed! Yukata dressing course plan


After the lesson, please send the yukata together with the accessory set in the special return bag enclosed the next day.
We apologize for the shipping cost when returning the product, but please bear it.
Please do not wear it outside of the lesson.

If it is damaged or lost, an additional 5,000 yen will be charged.
Please contact us if you have any problems.

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